Turning ashes into a diamond

Whenever a loved one dies, you have two options for dealing with their bodies lovingly; cremation and burial. The cremation process leaves you with ashes that you can then use as a tribute to your loved one.

The cremation process is where the burning body of a person is done through the use of extreme heat which is mostly over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The ashes that come from the cremation are given to the family. You can get a small amount to be distributed amongst family members, and they can then go ahead and decide what to do with the ashes of their loved ones individually.

Part of the cremation popularity is the fact that it is a method that gives families various choices when deciding on the way to honor loved ones who are deceased. While the ashes are mostly placed in beautiful urns and then get buried or placed in an honorable place, not everyone prefers such options. Some want to have something tangible for honoring the life of their loved ones.

There are a variety of options when you decide what to do with the cremated remains of your loved ones. The good thing is that the cremated ashes give several options in helping to remember the deceased loved ones close to your heart.

One of the common and well-known things to do with it is to scatter. The cremation ashes can be scattered wherever you wish. They can as well be scattered at once or in various places. Some companies turn cremated ashes into wonderful fireworks which help the bereaved families to display their grieving to celebrate the life of the deceased.

With the ashes diamond, the ashes can be transformed into beautiful necklaces, bangles, pendants, or earrings so that you wear them anywhere you go, keeping the deceased with you all the time.  When it comes to scattering, you can spread the ashes in a single place or several places which are particularly significant or beautiful to the deceased.

An example is a mountain climber’s cremation remains which could be scattered on the favorite mountain. A widower might decide to spread the ashes of a loved one on their honeymoon site. Some choose to take the ashes of their loved ones to an eternal ascent, involving sending the ashes off into a helium-filled balloon. The important thing that you have to remember is that you have to send the ashes of your loved ones to a place that you would be proud of.

You can decide to keep the ashes of your loved ones in an urn. This is a choice that is quite popular and thus makes the necessity for an urn in case the ashes have to be buried, you will come across several cremation urns readily available on the market. The urns are mostly kept in a place of honor inside the house. There are times when both the ashes and the urns get buried. It is possible to get a biodegradable urn in the market.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah