4 tips to save money on an engagement ring

An engagement ring doesn’t have to eat up all the possessions you have saved for your entire life. It’s not another normal jewellery for your partner, an engagement ring has to be something more than that. But spending a ton of money on a ring won’t make it more special. If you are someone that doesnt like to spend much money on an engagement ring, then this article is for you. Because we are gonna be sharing some tips and tricks for being able to save money on an engagement ring.

Go for 9 carat gold ring instead of 18 carat gold or platinum

The surface of most rings are usually platinum, 18 carat gold and 9 carat gold. When you compare all of the options, you will find 9 carat gold to be the cheapest. Platinum is the highest priced among the three and 18 carat gold stands in the middle. The reason why most people opt for the more expensive options is because 9 carat gold rings tend to lose their shine pretty easily. In such cases you can get it replated from a nearby jeweller. When it’s cheaper, it will surely come with some downsides.

Opt for something other than diamond

An engagement ring doesn’t have to be made from diamond, you can get any gemstone as you please. As diamonds are one of the most expensive stones, choosing other alternatives can save you a good amount of money. Rings like the heart of the ocean engagement ring, that have a blue sapphire in the center is a good option. But if you really want a diamond, then you can also check for the cheap types of diamonds. As there are many varieties in diamonds, you can find a cheap and attractive one from them.

Get your ring from a reputed jewellery store or vendor

Most of the diamond vendors and jewellery shops online are situated in distant locations. And are also not as good as the reputed vendors and jewellery stores. There is also a very good possibility for you to get scammed. If you’ve chosen a Hope diamond engagement ring, already paid for it and it doesn’t get to your house, then that’s really bad. So, it’s always better to go for vendors that are reputed, because you know that you will get the thing you’ve ordered. Instead of shopping online, going to a store and searching for engagement rings is preferred. Because you know what you are getting.

Always stick to certified rings

If a diamond is GIA or AGS certified, you will know if you are overpaying for your diamond or not. You might ask what is diamond certification? A diamond certification is a document given by a private lab that has all the characteristics of the diamond in it.

Conclusion: No one is forcing you to get an engagement ring that costs up to 10 grands. Just stick to what to have and get what you can feel happy about.

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Post Author: Kyra Uriah