When to propose- knowing the right time for your Mr/Ms Right

What is the difference between a mannequin and a human being? One has life, and the other does not. So, when we are blessed with a life, we need to live it up. Life is all about living and loving. And what constitutes life and makes us who we are, is our emotions and feelings. A person’s emotion defines how the person is and how he wants to be, how he reacts to certain situations, and how he feels for a certain person. Emotions are often complicated, and one spends entire life sorting it out. But if you are clear with your emotions, you need to take a step ahead. Love is one of those complicated emotions that takes ages to express because one needs to wait for the right time. But, the question is how to know if it is the right time. That needs to be self-sorted. If you know, she is the one. Then this is the time. But a question which confuses me even more is the order of the proposal.

What to start with?

Everyone has their unique way of making confessions. Some prefer to throw a party, some prefer a homely style and some wait for Valentine’s Day. But now, waiting for the 14th of February is an outdated idea. So, what’s new? A perfect candlelight dinner, a photographer and a little bit of romance in the air with musicians. Yet, again most of them are baffled about, Should I propose before or after dinner?”.  Dinner proposals are one of the most trending versions of romantic proposals. But carrying it in an organised way is still a tough choice to make. There are various advantages of proposing before dinner like:-

There is nervousness before proposing then after in general, so it would be difficult to wait for the entire dinner to get over. Moreover, the dinner can be used as a celebration after a successful proposal. But if one wants to make the evening beyond memorable, then proposing right after the dinner could be a good option if one is unsure about the response.

But specifically, choosing the right time is a tough task. Suitable occasions like:-

New Year eve can be a great idea because, with the old year’s passing, people throw away the negativities and accept good vibes and positivity, plan for the future. Christmas can also be another golden moment for wooing the love of your life, as festive spirit adds to the joy and positivity along with good mood and for some people best decisions are made during such holy occasions. And proposing on a special occasion like a birthday can make the purpose of the proposal even more fruitful.

How to propose Marriage?

There are various ways for marriage proposals depending on the nature, likes and dislikes of your partner. Some proposals follow the adventure, some follow romance, and some proposals are overloaded with cuteness. A marriage proposal should be based on the relation and the emotional connection one shares with their partner. Catering to the needs of various people, the following are some unique marriage proposals:

  • Treasure Hunt- Bringing to the limelight, one of the most intriguing and unique ideas is the Scavenger Hunt. One can give several clues to their partner, and the partner needs to keep patience and reach them with the help of left clues and receive a grant proposal.
  • Family time- If your partner is close to their family, they would love to share the special occasion of their life with their near and dear ones. So, an intimate family dinner is the best idea to surprise the love of your life.
  • Re-live the memory- One can choose the place where they share unforgettable memories, like where they met or any palace of sentimental values.

If you have decided to woo them, then don’t back off. Go ahead, follow your heart, use some tips and marriage proposal guides and change your status to happily ever after.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah