Garmin Watches for Runners: What to Know Before You Buy

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit and explore new places. Getting around with a trusty watch can make your run more efficient and help you reach your goals more quickly. But which watch should you buy? There are so many options.  In this article, we’ll highlight the key features to look for when making your running watch selection.

What to Look for in a Garmin’s Watch

Before you pick up a Garmin watch, you should first understand what watches are best for runners. Here are some of the things you should look for in a watch when making your running watch selection.

  • Build quality – The feel and durability of a watch are important. You’ll be wearing it on your wrist for hours at a time, so you’ll want a watch with a comfortable build and a design that can withstand a little abuse.
  • Navigation – If you’re planning a 5K or longer run, you’ll want a watch with navigation features. A watch with navigation features allows you to see your route on the watch’s screen, help you navigate, and mark sections of your run with a waypoint.
  • Connectivity – A watch with GPS and cellular connectivity allows you to use a smartphone’s mobile app for additional features like tracking your run and setting waypoints.
  • App compatibility – Some watches can connect with popular third-party apps. This lets you use the watch’s screen for additional information, like the time of day or your current pace.

Reasons to Use a Runner Watch 

For anyone who wants to get more out of their running, a runner watch is an awesome choice. One of the main reasons runners pick up a runner watch is to improve their navigational abilities.  A runner watch’s navigation features can be key to safe, efficient running. If you’re planning a long run or your first 5K race, having a runner watch with navigation features can save you time by helping you navigate without getting lost.  Runner watches are also great for tracking your pace, distance, calories burned, and other performance metrics. Combining this data with your running route on a runner watch also lets you visualize your progress over time.

Important Features of a Running Watch 

Here are some of the key features you’ll want to look for when choosing a running watch.

  • GPS – GPS is critical to tracking your running route and calculating distance. Without it, you won’t be able to navigate or measure pace.
  • Altimeter – Some watches also include an altimeter, which calculates your elevation change based on your running route. This can help you visualize progress and set goals for distance.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – Heart rate monitoring allows you to get an accurate look at how hard your body is working.
  • Battery Life – Make sure the watch has a good amount of battery life. You don’t want to be without your watch when you need it most!

Though having a watch is a common thing for anyone because of its availability, choosing one that is best for you might be challenging. Consider the tips given above to get the right watch for you.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah