Frankincense – the most versatile essential oil

Essential oils have a long history of usage as therapeutic agents largely due to their healing properties. Besides being a part of aromatherapy, essential oils are also used for various cultural and religious worshiping purposes all over the world.

Hence, various types of essential oils are manufactured and used for treating various ailments and spreading aroma all around.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils can be described as a highly concentrated form of natural oils in plants. These are sourced or extracted from the leaves, flower petals stems, or roots of plants and are also made from peels and bark of trees

Essential oils are usually extracted through the process of distillation by steam or water that leaves essence in a highly concentrated form of essential oil. The resultant essence possesses characteristics, properties, and fragrance of the plant which was used for extraction through the process of distillation.

Interestingly, these oils while inside the plant itself, exhibit medicinal properties and act as protectors for the plant against diseases and other predators besides helping in pollination.

Due to their medicinal properties, essential oils have been used as folk medicine since ancient times. With extensive scientific research, essential oils have been found quite helpful in treating various physical and psychological ailments and disorders among humans.

Popular types of Essential oils

Known for providing therapeutic benefits; the common and most popular types of essential oils are:

  • Lavender – is considered ideal for relieving stress & anxiety, reducing irritability, depression and panic attacks by inducing a calming effect on individuals. It is also known to alleviate mental fatigue and help treating bruises and diminishing stretch marks
  • Frankincense – is highly versatile and can help strengthening and stimulating body’s immune system. Frankincense essential oil can effectively help relieve respiratory disorders like asthma, chronic bronchitis and persistent coughing and many more ailments
  • Peppermint – is known to relieve headaches, sore throat and control nausea and vomiting.
  • Tea Tree – being an effective disinfectant, can help treat and reduce skin troubles like acne, skin blemishes and urticaria, etc.

Frankincense essential oil

Found in Africa and middle east countries like Oman and Yamen, Frankincense essential oil is made from resin that comes from the bark of the Boswellia tree.  The Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the sap of the Boswellia tree by cutting open the tree’s bark.

The resin oozing out from the bark is left to harden. When hardened, the resin is scraped off the tree and distilled with steam to obtain a concentrated form of Frankincense essential oil.

Also referred to as olibanum or Boswellia sacra, the best quality Frankincense oil Oman at Frankincense Pure, is vastly used for Respiratory, Skin, and Haircare and to relieve Musculoskeletal pains like arthritis besides a large number of other human ailments.

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Post Author: Kyra Uriah