Crossdraw, Custom, and Leather Shoulder Holsters

The three basic types of holsters available and popular among gun lovers are crossdraw holsters, custom leather holsters, and leather shoulder holsters. All these holsters have different models and specifications. These beautiful handgun covers allow the perfect handling of firearms with quick actions. These holsters play a major role in every official and licensed person carrying a gun in their everyday lives.

The officials require guns everywhere they go. Keeping it safe is equally important to prevent yourself from injuries or the reach of children and enemies. Leather gun holsters that work efficiently and give stability and comfort when carrying guns are considered perfect holsters.

Services of the company

  • At Kirkpatrick Leather company you’ll find only quality holsters that work and are made to last longer. The designs are beautiful and precise. Every holster is made with the fine quality of American leather. The company loves guns too and owns them, hence they understand their customer’s needs and work accordingly.
  • They provide 24×7 services and guidance to get you the excellent holster for your guns.
  • Some of the featured products of the company in crossdraw holsters, custom leather holsters, and leather shoulder holsters are mentioned below.
  1. Rifle Shell Holster- Model RSH-Engraved
  2. LH’09 Rig- Model LH09-Champion
  3. Big Jake- Model 1920
  4. Detective Carry Shoulder Holster
  5. Kirkpatrick Under Cover OWB holster
  6. Kirkpatrick Texas Strong Side OWB Holster
  • Apart from these featured holsters, the company has various models for crossdraw holsters. The most popular crossdraw holster is the ‘Santa Fe Cross Draw – Model 1860-2’.

This specific cross-draw leather holster has a barrel length ranging from 4.8 to 7.5. The configuration is right-handed. It has attractive color options like black, brown, and tan. The holster’s jean size varies from 32-40. The actual measurement ranges from 32C to 54C.

The finished available are border stamped, basketweave, and hand tooled. These western-type crossdraw holsters are an authentic version of holsters requested by many people. The Santa Fe holster has twenty-four hand-molded bullet loops along with three inches wide belt made from strong quality leather.

It also has hammer tie-downs and a profound latigo leg. The tough stamped perimeter finish on this model is the most attractive part. You will always find the same quality leather used on every holster of the company. There is a standard 20 degrees angle which you can request to modify too.

The most popular leather shoulder holsters and custom leather holsters are also accessible online on the website. There are different and strong specifications of every holsters type. The Kirkpatrick Leather company provides holsters at an affordable price. Everyone can buy these holsters which are not only cheap but meant to last for a lifetime.

So don’t waste your time and money on poor-quality holsters. Get the best from the company’s experienced professionals. You can research for the best custom leather holsters, leather shoulder holsters, and crossdrawleather holsters providers in the world and you’ll see this company’s services at the top.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah