Cheap Bongs- Types of Bongs and Benefits Associated with It

There are many ways to get CBD and THC fix currently- oil, blunts, Thai sticks, edibles, and the list goes on. Despite many new approaches to cannabis use, one thing remains invariable- the bong has become a favorite alternative for marijuana smoking. Just as there are different ways to consume cannabis products, many types of water pipe bongs are there to choose from.

Let us start discussing various materials from which bongs are made so you can notice the advantages. After that also we will look into many bong designs that you have to pick up from.

Various Cheap bongs materials-

1-     Glass- It is one of the most popular materials used for constructing bong. It provides a clean and pure taste as the glass doesn’t affect smoke flavor. Glass is easy to monitor for resin buildup due to it being transparent. Also, it is easy to clean. Due to all these aspects, glass bongs are costlier in comparison to bongs made using other materials. You can buy cheap bongs from the ideal online store that supplies them at the right rates.

2-     Metal- It is also used for making bong though the practice isn’t common as glass. Metal is durable as well as long-lasting. It is the other attractive cheap bongs. The only downside with this bong is that it affects the smoking taste.

3-     Ceramic- This sort of bong is quite heavier and vigorous when compared to the other materials. For this reason and fragility, this bong usually doesn’t travel well. However, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a bit expensive due to the work which goes into making it. This can be a greater option for display on the shelf and cabinet.

Cheap Bong designs available-

1–     Carburetor bong- Either your cheap bongs will have a hole in the center or maybe not. If your tool doesn’t have a hole, it is not a carburetor bong. Carburetors aren’t necessary to the bong design. Many feel that such bong produces many intense hits. This is because when you release your finger the carburetor hole permits fresh air to come into the pipe which forces smoke into your lung faster and makes it easier to inhale all the constituents of the pipes.

2-     Beaker shape bong- It is identical to a straight tube except for their bottom which is flared into a cone shape which looks similar to a beaker. Therefore, the name beaker bong is stable than the straight tube due to they are having a large base. The process of smoking is the same. You just have to add water and cannabis and fire and you are ready to use it.

3–     Straight tube bong- It’s the simplest bong design available. They consist of a simple tube sealed at a single end with vapor and a bowl pushing out of the side. You dispense a bit of water into the tube, place your ganja into the bowl and go. It is simple and straightforward smoking.


You can get Cheap bongs online at better rates. Consider doing a bit of analysis so that you get the right place to shop your smoking tool and of course of high quality.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah