Are You Planning to Buy A Used Motorcycle? A Checklist to Follow

If you are planning to buy any motorcycle, particularly a used motorcycle, then it may be an overwhelming experience. You may be wondering what to really check? How can I be sure that I am buying a right vehicle?

People who are regularly dealing with motor vehicles will always prefer to use few check lists. As a new buyer, if you are interested to buy any moto bmw usagé  (English meaning is used BMW motorcycle), then you too should make your check list first.

In this article therefore, we shall talk about the checklist, which can be used by both first time and an experienced buyer, while buying any used motorcycle.

  • Overall look of the vehicle

First of all, make sure that the overall appearance of the motor cycle is clean, without any scratch or dent mark.

  • Exhaust condition

Make sure that exhaust is firmly fitted as it generally bears lots of engine vibration while running.

  • How is the frame

Check the frame of the vehicle and ensure that it is clean and without any dent or damage marks caused by accidents.

  • Clutch condition

Without starting engine, you can check whether the clutch movement is smooth or not.

  • How are the brakes

Ensure that brake lever is working properly and not making any noise and also working smoothly.

  • Check suspension

Try to straddle the bike and shove down on its front end and the fork must return back to position silently and slowly.

  • Chain and sprocket

Try to pull the drive chain to check the tension from rear sprocket by keeping it at 3 o’clock position and should be difficult to pull.

  • Tires and wheels

Make sure that there is no severe wear and tear on the tires as well as the wheels.

  • Fuel tank

By opening the fuel tank try to see with torch, the bottom of tank must be clearly visible.

  • Coolant

Make sure that the colour of the coolant is green and not brown.

  • Oil condition

Make sure that oil looks clean and regularly changed by the previous owner.

  • Cold start

Start the engine and make sure that it does not need too much throttle

  • Electrical

Check headlights and tail lights are working.

  • Background

Check the service record of the motorcycle.

  • Title

Ensure that owner has got original title of the bike.

  • Safety check

Get it inspected by any qualified mechanic and ensure that it is safe for driving.

Post Author: Kyra Uriah